Sunday, August 26, 2007

Desert bikes riding on Hatta track

One of the thrilling adventure that can be done in Dubai is the desert motor bike riding. There are several tracks in Hatta for desert safari and motor bikes riding. We did not try the safari yet but enjoyed the riding on bikes alot.

We had to buy the ticket for the driving. Following were the rates and bikes configurations as on August 26, 2007.

1. 250 cc - Automatic - Dhs 200
2. 350 cc - Manual - Dhs 250

There was a special track with boundary for driving the bikes. But we were also allowed to take the bikes outside the boundary area in the desert. We were 4 friends and we rented 2 bikes, 1 manual and 1 automatic. The automatic was very easy to drive. For manual, some motorbike experience is needed. The shifting of gears was similar to the sports bike.

I took the manual one first and took it outside the boundary area. But was not successfull due to the sand. The bike stuck in the sand and the watchers came to help me out. I took it inside the area. There were dunes in the area as well. You can either drive on the straight desert track or have some funs on the dunes. But its dangerous for beginners because if the speed is low, the bike stucks in the sand. And if the speed is high, we experience a free fall after jumping over the dune. It feels like we are flying in the air while jumping. So, you have to be very careful while doing such stunts. Because, I saw a person that fell from the bike and he was not able to stand by himself due to some injury. 3 of us fell too :P. But no serious injuries. Just there were scrathces on the leg. If the bike gets out of control, its much better not to regain its control. Because its in speed and you can fall seriously and roll with the bike. Its better to leave the bike and let it go. Less scratches will come :).

Some precautions and advice:
-- Wear jeans. Dont wear shorts. Because in case of falling, jeans will save your legs from scratches.
-- Get extra piece of cloth. Because after the drive, you will get alot of sand on your body and cloths. There is no facility to shower, so your car can get dirty.
-- Always wear the helmet.
-- Make sure that there is no one on the other side of the dune, in case you are jumping.
-- Ride on manual 350 cc only if you have experience of riding bikes. Its better to check out the automatic bike first and then try out the manual one. Because the manual is so powerfull and it can get out of control easily.
-- Lower the speed when near to the bikes parking area. Because there are people who are taking pictures and some people are starting their bikes to get in the track.

Doing just the acting of falling :P in the above picture.
It was great fun. This was out first time with the desert bikes. 1 hour was more than enough. We felt tired. The wrists felt little pain after riding, because while jumping and doing corners, there is much pressure on the wrists and hands. And there is pressure on the right thumb all the time because we have to use the thumb for accelerator instead of twisting the handle.
Certainly, its one of the best entertainment you can get in Dubai, if you are fond of adventure.

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